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Weddingsby Duos

While the couple of honor is the duo in the spotlight, Duos Catering will ensure their big day is overflowing with cheer, free of stress, and filled with memories that will last a lifetime. Our dedicated wedding program, A Grand Affaire Weddings, by Duos, will surely create the most memorable wedding for you - without compromise.

The Cuisine

Some wedding meals are memorable for all the wrong reasons; you deserve choices better than chewy chicken, a hockey puck filet or overcooked vegetables that were grown half way around the world.

Your Seattle wedding reception is unlike any meal you will ever enjoy; indulge in an unforgettable culinary catering experience with a wedding by Duos.

Wedding Cuisine by Duos of Seattle is a celebration of local flavors that dance on the tongue long before your guests hit the dance floor. Chef Joshua Cooper’s seasonal artisan menus feature inventive and inspired cuisine made with fresh baked breads, hand rolled pastas, locally produced cheeses, meats and produce, house-made sauces and condiments.

The Service

Have you ever asked a waiter for more champagne only to find out you’re talking to the father of the bride?

Duos prefers to let your wedding guests rock the tuxedos; our servers will be dressed in all black, urban casual wear. This allows us to blend in while we work and be easy to spot when you need us. Our bartenders, servers and support staff love what they do and take pride in making your special day feel truly special. When engaged, we smile, laugh and talk like real people because that’s who we are.

The Event

While cuisine is at the heart of the Duos Experience, we can manage every aspect of the event for you; from restaurant-quality catering and bar service to entertainment, decorations, flowers, lighting, party rentals, event locations, coat check and parking. We’re highly selective about which vendors we use, we trust them with our brand, our reputation and our events and they always deliver.

The Tab

Corkage fees? Cake cutting fees? Convenience fees? This is how some caterers can deliver a cheap catering bid to get the job while actually being more expensive overall.

Instead of low-balling the bid, we take the high road with a detailed, all-inclusive estimate that will match the bill you receive at the end.

Anything we charge – such as taxes and reasonable gratuities – will be in your estimate up front so there are no surprises at the end.

LGBTQ? We Love You

We cook. We serve. We decorate. We entertain. When it comes to catering weddings, we do just about everything — except judge. We are proud members, supporters and champions of the LGBTQ community. From intimate private ceremonies to sparkling, fabulous, show-stopping galas, if you want the greatest gay wedding of all time – even if you’re a straight couple (remember, we don’t judge) – you’ve come to the right place. You bring the love, we’ll dream up something unforgettable and perfect just for you. With your blessing, we’ll handle every last detail to bring your dream to life.